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Thread: Crap Cleaner - warning

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    Hi Guys

    Much as I like this program and have used it a few times, there are a couple of traps for new users.

    When you run it deletes all of your cookies, so you loose your quick access to web sites such as this.

    So it would pay to go to Options and then click on Cookies and move the cookies you would like to keep. (there will probably be a LONG list)

    Secondly it deletes any settings you have made in Microsoft Word and Access and Excel etc, it seems to set most of them back to the default - this is a pain. So under the Applications Tab I have unticked Office XP.

    It would seem to me that the programmer needs to do a bit of work here, there would probably be a lot of crap in Office XP to remove, but it should leave your settings files alone - I think.

    What do you think ?

    I have version 1.3 3.10



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    I think the app is worthy of it's name.

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    Considering it's a free app it's very good,as with any program its worth reading up on it before you use it.

    All spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in my post's are intentional.

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    check the options before using any 'cleaningtool'

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    Great program, almost essential IMO. I never noticed it does this to OfficeXP, then again I use templates for all my Word Docs.

    I did notice it'll clean the icons for IE7's favorites folder, though.
    Quote Originally Posted by digmen1 View Post
    I have version 1.3 3.10
    The latest version is 1.33.382 btw...

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    06:36 PM..

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    maybe i've missed something? how does the programer need to do some more work? if u go into the prog and save ur cookies and uncheck like u've said other options u should be ok? how is that a problem? program is great. leave it alone.
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    I think its great too ,the cookie option is a no brainer . There's good cookies and bad cookies its just a tool to help you . I would setup with default settings but if using advance settings uncheck clear Old Prefetch data .

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    I have no problems as mentioned by the original poster.

    I don't lose the cookies I use. I don't have any settings changes in Excel or Word(which I use for work and home).

    I think their is a short between the original posters chair and his/her keyboard.

    (btw: it's "loses" and not "looses")


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