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Thread: Yellow Dog Linux to run on PS3

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    Humphrey Cheung, October 17, 2006

    Loveland (CO) - Terra Soft Solutions, a Linux company specializing in Apple Macintosh and IBM Linux distributions, has announced a distribution for upcoming Sony PlayStation 3. Yellow Dog Linux version 5.0 is being developed with the permission of Sony and will include the 2.6.16 kernel, compilers and OpenOffice 2.0.1. Terra Soft also promises a one-click installer.

    Linux fans have been porting Linux to Sony consoles for several years, sometimes with the approval of Sony. Sony officially offered a Linux development kit for the PlayStation 2 and other developments ported the Debian distribution to the popular console. A homebrew version of Linux was made for the PlayStation Portable, but Sony apparently doesn't like it because the automatic patches disable the distribution.

    Back in May, 2006 Sony executive Izumi Kawanishi told the game website Impress Watch that the company would allow developers to code Linux content on the PS3.

    Terra Soft plans on demonstrating the new distribution to attendees of the SC2006 conference in mid-November.


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    Intresting that they talked about open office. If Sony is going to utilize this, then they are going to want to provide the end user with a keyboard.

    If the keyboard gets popular and lots of people buy it, to use on the OpenOffice, could it lead to developers making games for the ps3 that have a keyboard option selectable in the game?

    hmm... it would make things very intresting.
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    Interestng. Linux on PS3. And Xbox With windows lol!

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    keyboard mouse great idea.
    never could understand controllers on fps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fredzz View Post
    Interestng. Linux on PS3. And Xbox With windows lol!
    I'm not sure about X360, but doesn't XboX use Linux?


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