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Thread: Harry Potter

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    Has anyone got the new harry potter book the pheonix or something like that?

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    ya theres a link to it in my can of books post in the in a can section of this world

    5 is realy 5 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

    i got 7 too but not shure its real but its a good read anyway

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    how positive are you that the book five you have is the REAL book five? Because I've seen news at that lots of fakes have been put out. Is it really book five?

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    PREORDER NOW FROM AMAZON >> that means that it didnt come out yet...

    Editorial Reviews
    Book Description
    The next volume in the thrilling, moving, bestselling Harry Potter series

    From the Publisher
    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, by J.K. Rowling, the fifth in the bestselling series has been scheduled for release on Saturday, June 21, 2003.

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    Heard that several Harry Potter Books (#5) were stolen from
    printing company. Most were found in a field but one is still missing.

    A little off-topic,

    but anyone noe if this is fo real or BS?

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    i haerd the aurthor said that it was impossible for a copy to be leaked..she even printin em yet?

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    yes i am shure my version of 5 is the right 1 just not so shure of 7

    it dosnt matter what the auther said anything can be leaked and as a matter of fact 2 of the HP books where lost or stolen and whee found in a field in england

    what better way to get a way with stealing them then to scan them and then throw them away and then shar them in kazaa so u can say u found them in kazaa?

    btw i all so got 2 others that said they where book 5 but they where fake though 1 was a prity good fake here is a link to it its not bad
    no direct downloads!!! they got 2 books there now and a 3rd part done

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    The books found in a field the ppl that stole them got arested later on that day.

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    There is no 7th version yet, that one is a major fake

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    The ppl that were arrested only managed to get away with a few chapters anyway.

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