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Thread: Who's getting ps3.

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    HEy people

    just curios about who's getting ps3.
    i think im gonna get it to go along with my 360.
    I really want ps3 pretty much for its hole media theme inside
    FOR like everything media.

    so please post about who's getting there hands on one.

    i kno i am..HAHa

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    This thread would be cool with a poll. I'm down with the PS3. I have a feeling I'll be in the same boat as I was with the 360. Didn't get my hands on the first batch and ended up paying an extra $200 on ebay. Oh the price I pay to be the first nerd on the block to own the cool stuff.

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    I want one really bad, But I dont think I can come up with that kind of money so Ill probably have to wait till I have enough or the price drops to a reasonable level.
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