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Thread: Newbie no kill plz : How to connect newsleecher?

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    Helo to everybody who want help me.

    I am more than a newbie. this is the first time i use this program (i am better with irc download but i can't find a lot; or i am better with emule).

    So i would like to download a game, i have the nzb file, i have uploaded it in newsleecher. Everything seems ok but I CAN T CONNECT. Where can i find free usenet servers?

    Apologies if this question has been asked (and i am sure that has been asked before :-))

    Thx u my friends

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    i dont believe there are any free newsgroup servers except maybe through your ISP. The bandwith cost would be extremely high. Anyway I believe you will have to pay for access.


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