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Thread: old torrents? where?

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    sababot's Avatar what is torrent? BT Rep: +19BT Rep +19BT Rep +19BT Rep +19
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    Jul 2006
    which sites that you know
    happen to have 2-12 months old english releases
    no matter what section
    but still have decent seeders\leechers(nice speed)?

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    bitmetv - oldest torrent was posted june 2005 - plenty of seeds as well

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    PooBar's Avatar TorrentSlut BT Rep: +7BT Rep +7
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    Jul 2006

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    PIsexy, Bitsoup, SCT, Tophos, TL, ect... theres alot of sites that have older stuff still.

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    Xsensei's Avatar ::DreAmer:: BT Rep: +25BT Rep +25BT Rep +25BT Rep +25BT Rep +25
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    Aug 2006
    demonoid , pisexy, ScT , swedvdr...and, of course, oink

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    looking for esewell

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    finbytes has the biggest collection of old releases.

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    xbawksz's Avatar is hueg BT Rep: +7BT Rep +7
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    Sep 2006
    Buffalo, NY
    for an easy to get into site, give demonoid a shot

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    Ive got lots of friends who have gotten TOS voilation letters when they used demonoid. If you have to stoop so low as to use that site, might I recommend using PG2 and not dl their PUBLIC torrents that they grab from other sites just to be on the safe side.


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