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Thread: What is Usenet?

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    I'm sorry for my igornrance but what exactly is usenet? Is it a FTP? Is it better then torrent downloads? Anyone using it? Do you like it?


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    For an indepth explanation of Usenet (newsgroups) see here

    The short of it is that it's server-farms used for the transfer of data. The information on these servers grow by about 2.00 TBs daily.

    Is it a FTP?
    No, but similar.

    Is it better then torrent downloads?
    There is no sharing on your part. The only limit to how fast you can download is your connection. The newest files are there first, with no waiting. Depending on the provider you use, there is upto 90 days to download anything before it is removed from the servers. Not to metnion that there is almost no risk on your part when downloading.

    I think it is WAY better than torrents. Files size and watching my back is no longer a worry when downloading. Usenet is well worth the money. Now thanks to NZB files, if you can use a torrent you know how to use Usenet. Very easy to use.

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    /moved to the usenet section
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    Thank-you so much for the information.


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