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Thread: Media Player HD - Enclosure or package

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    I've been looking around lately trying to find an external hard drive so I can keep files stored on there but also one that will let me hook it up to a tv and play and video or music files I may have on there.

    I've found 2 so far, one of them is an enclosure, see link below; I'd obviously have to buy a HD with it, thinking about 400Gb. This would total around 160.

    The other is a 160Gb media player HD combo, see link below; I wouldn't have to buy anything additional with this and its 50 cheaper than the previous one.

    My main worry is quality. I would definately prefer the first one as its 240Gb of extra storage room though I'm just a little worried about whether the quality will be any good.

    I've looked everywhere trying to find a review of either of them but can't. Do any of you guys maybe have some advice you could share??

    Your helps would definately be appreciated!

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    The Argosy model is sold elsewhere under the INOi brand.

    Searching for reviews under that name may give you the info you are seeking.
    It is also available in various capacities (up to 400GB I believe), but finding them in the UK may be difficult.
    There's one here, it is in Spain but ships worldwide (shipping to UK would be €26).

    The other one appears to be more generic, so finding a meaningful review is almost impossible.
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