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Thread: Prevent getting fakes/infected - ipfilter, fakes, serverlist

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    How could I effectively find/get true non-fake non-mislabeled non-infected files in eMule?

    I have installed PeerGuardian. Is that enough to prevent from getting bad or infected files?

    Where offers the biggest ipfilter and fakes lists to download?
    Should I try to download different lists, since each list may cover what others miss?
    How to install multiple lists? Simply rename and place it into config folder, or what?

    What serverlist should I download?
    Should I just download only the best genuine servers?
    Or should I try to add all genuine servers?

    How can I autoupdate the lists (eg ipfilter, fakes)?

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    1) by using verified ed2k links from websites

    2) ip blocking (peerguardian etc) is just what it says, blocks the specified ip ranges from connecting to your machine, and has nothing to do with bad or infected files

    3) has a good range of ip blocklists, but remember the more you block the more drag you are going to introduce.
    bluetack have a 'blocklist manager' to manage multiple lists and export into config folder

    4) emule has the facility to auto update its server lists automatically

    5) see 3


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