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Thread: Another ScT invite request...

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    Figured I would throw my hat into the ring for an invite to the greatness that is ScT.

    Here are my stats:

    Oink - Ratio: 1.295 Uploaded: 79.12 GB Downloaded: 61.09 GB
    Xbox-Sky - Ratio: 1.345 Uploaded: 73.303 GB Downloaded:54.515 GB
    BitmeTV - Ratio: 1.736 UL: 175.49 GB DL:101.07 GB
    PWTorrents - Ratio: 1.443 Uploaded: 201.83 GB Downloaded: 139.84 GB

    Might be some others out there, but this should basically show my seeding habits.

    If you need proof by screencaps.. let me know...

    Thanks in advance...
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