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Thread: Splinter Cell Problem

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    Ok I've dowlnoaded all FLT_SC.bin Splinter cell image files and I have burned the cues. I've installed the game from the CD's full installation and the extracted the crack in the FLT_SC3.bin file and putted it under Program Files>Ubi Soft>Splinter cell>System. it asked me to replace the old one and I hittes yes as usual but whe I try to open the game it still ask me for the CD. Can somebody help me??? And does FLT stands for fairlight???

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    I found the right crack at MEGAGAMES

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    which one the fairlight one???

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    I've downloaded on megagames the 1.2 No cd from Battery and the 1.2 backup cd from Fairlight and both of them brings this message:
    The procedure entry point ?GDTGraph@@3V?$0A@@@A could not be located in the dynaimc link library engine.dll.

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    I am not sure but when it says that I donít think itís the crack there something wrong with, I think that there is missing a file or something!

    What are the spec at your computer and graphic card

    Edit: And I think it was this crack I used:

    Splinter Cell v1.0 ENG
    [gimpsRus] - no CD

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    AMD athlon XP 2000+, 1666MHZ
    Geforce 3 Ti 200 64 MB
    512 MB Ram

    Norhing to worry about.
    But I have installed the NO cd you mentioned and not it still ask for the CD.

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    I think you have to install the game (don't apply the crack), then update it with the official patch and THEN apply the crack.

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    Ok the Gimprus no cd worked fine.

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    Ok the Gimprus no cd worked fine.
    So can you play the game now?

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    Originally posted by kaspiske@9 May 2003 - 22:10
    I found the right crack at MEGAGAMES
    you must need a more up to dat crack but it looks liek someone beat me to it.


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