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Thread: Favorite Guitar Scale

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    Oct 2006
    Anyone play an instrument. If so what is your favorite scale-if any. What type of equipment do you have? I prefer to mix three scales...I primarily use the Pentatonic Mi(of course) Mix in the Blues Scale and the Natural Minor. It makes for some interesting phrasing. Especially the mix of the Natural Minor with the Blues which can result in a happy, cheery sound if you use the flats just right.

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    Been playing for 8 months now.

    I use a lot of pentatonic (usually move it around on the fret board), but since I play mostly in drop tunings it becomes tricky to try and not use the 6th string as much, but the notes are still easily accesible on the other 5 strings. Blues scale for sure, where would I be without it. And I like to also use, just like you, the Natural Minor Scale.

    Mostly from the natural minor, I use A minor, C major usually just a bit less then I use the A minor.

    I only use scales for practice purposes and warmups, only time I'll implement them is if I'm soloing which is once in a while I guess.

    I am learning theory right now so I'm prob not as proficient as you are when it comes to scales/soloing.

    Up until now its been mostly imitation by playing songs from other bands to get my speed, dexterity, technique, etc. up.

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    The pentatonic is the staple of all the greats....Page..Hendrix...Clapton....SRV...and so on. It can be used for any style of music and is very easy to do realize once you learn the 5 positions of the pentatonic you can transfer it to any key by simply sliding up or down the kneck....if you know the first position...simply find the root....and there you go..and of course if your in the first position in say A the position back..or closer to the head of the guitar would be the fifth position and then four and so on.
    Youll find that alot of the riffs you love are simply scale steps(obviously) im sure you know you can grove on a riff by using...the blues scale...i would suggest that if your far along enough that you put some time into learning the scale degrees. root,minor 2nd,major 2nd...and so on...I use this when soloing...if you learn how each step will "sound"...major minor...happy can improvise easier. hope im not sounding like an ass...but im happy to help if i can

    PS we ALL miss Dimebag...and his "blacktooth grin!"


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