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Thread: Windows Xp Pro Corporate Final

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    Sorry for the newb question, but after dl this, I cant get it to open. Please help. Im really looking for PowerPoint. I'm away from puter that I use for the PP, and I was hoping to get some work done over the weekend. I thought I could get the PP from the XP. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    m8 whats the file type?
    i know theres a few corp versions floatin' around where u need change the extension to .iso,if u d/l from kazaa that most prob i of them

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    Powerpoint is in Office XP, not Windows XP. Also, wrong place to post this.

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    Weird, I thought msg on Softwareworld said "Discuss about everything related to software here." Where else should this be posted?

    And as far as Windows or Office, I was simply following a link posted in here. Some guy said the Corporate Windows came with PP. Didnt sound right but i was following any lead i could.

    Downloading the file, ext is .exe
    When downloaded, it has no extension. Properites say "application"

    Thanks for the feedback.

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    yeah m8,by default windows hides known fie extension,if u go to start then control
    panel>folder options>view tab (remove a tick from hide known file types),got back to the
    file right click then rename the exe to iso.U can then open the file in nero and choose the write image option.

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    CosmoK, You were right on it. I now have a working cd of Windows XP, but as I thought might be the case, It doesnt have Power Point. Might you know where I could find it. I have looked all weekend, to no avail. Thanks for the right info man.

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    You have to download office xp professional. It is 404,601 kb. It has word, excel, powerpoint, outlook, and frontpage.

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    yes... its in the full office xp... should a copy of that in the verifieds, or in the verfieds in the can...

    search all forums, for "office xp"

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    Here you go:

    File: Microsoft_Office_XP_Professional_SP2_integrated.iso
    Length: 658155520 Bytes, 642730KB
    UUHash: =BcqAGIeTKWa2lF3EAOrwZFtZtDs=

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    Thanks for all the help! Got it dl'd and burned. working great. Now if I just had one more day in the weekend? Anyone have a hook up for that one?

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