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Thread: Shareaza/torrent's

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    hey everyone. how are we all? i am going good. i just wanted to know when your downloading a torrent if it gets to 99.89 percent and decides not to download ne more is there a way of opening it and taking the files out of? might be a stupid question to some but im just curious. thanx everyone at filesharing talk.


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    You cannot open it and take the files out unless you have a way of seeing what files in the torrent downloaded completely. Most of the time when you get stuck at a high perecent like that, there is noone sharing the complete file. If that is not the case there is something wrong with the torrent.

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    lol.... someidiot huh? well hes right. u can either wait 4 the guy with 100% to come online or jus start over, with ANOTHER TORRENT.

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    The movie industry puts out alot of fakes which go to 99% and die
    mild propoganda.

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    Use another client like Utorrent to download since shareaza is not known as a good client as far as I have heard and by switching clients you might be able to complete the file download.

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    i did not know that


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