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Thread: trade S*T against arenabg

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    give both ScT and DataMoon for arenabg invite/account.. can give other invites to..

    pm if interested
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    you are not clear at all
    do you want arenabg or your inviting to there?

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    I give sct.. so I want arenabg

    or I can give sct + pisexy for arenabg

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    I have arenabg account but even if someone give me u** I don't give my account

    if I have an invite for arenabg then it can be possible

    it is very difficult to find an arenabg invite and it is a huge tracker

    I supposse that in 3 weeks, I will have an invite for arenabg

    Good Luck

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    okey,, thanks for the info.. still hope that somone have an account or invite to trade.. Give much for it..


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