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Thread: Win32 Parite, Had It? Enjoy? :(

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    Which anti virus covers this one?
    It went through my programs like a buzzsaw!!

    And yeah, yeah, I did a "google" So if ya don't know: Oh well
    It is written in borland C++, So I know it was malicious intent
    Stay away from anything named: "Windowblinds"

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    Norton didnt pick it up did you have you definitions up to date?

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    Well, like a dumbass I did not have norton running at the time I was infected.
    But norton does not have a listing for this one, even with updated definitions.
    I went to norton's site, and couldn't find it there either
    Does anybody know anything about "Heuristic" (I think its spelled) Viruses?
    Its "win32 parite" and its written in borland C++. It uses a "dropper"
    Thats all I know.
    I downloaded a program called Windowblinds, attempted to open it (*slaps own face*) and nothing happened, then later:
    Oh shit!
    Anyway, I had to dump my OS and start all over again

    "Lessons are learned best the hard way!"

    This is the first time I have ever had a run-in with a virus, and it happened to be one of the worst out there!


    Ok, McAfee covers it)

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    this virus has been around since before 2003 and its written in delphi also it can be added to anything and changed reguarly this 1 is coming directly from companys as theirs little imformatiion on it.
    it destroys all exe extension and adds itself to your uploads and spreads this way. to get rid of it, turn system restore of and reboot into safe mode then do a virus scan should clear it.

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    Originally posted by balamm@11 May 2003 - 02:01
    where did you download it from and what was the file size/name? It could help someone else.
    Window blinds is a pretty common and popular program. I'm sure not all copies are bad.
    I got it here at k-lite, it was simply named: "windowblinds"
    I don't recall the size, somewhere between 1400 and 1500 kbs?
    Just be carefull!


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