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Thread: Looking for invite.

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    Hi people. I've been looking for a bitme invite for 1 year already. I had an account but it got deactivated.
    I've always had a positive ratio. You can check on the bitme members list username: Fredzz .
    I had 70gb up and 50 down.
    Anyway, if you have one that you don't need, i would aprreciate as i've been looking for some time.. Thanks
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    Apr 2006
    Why was it deactivated?
    Uploaded 53.07 GB (90.57 MB/Day)
    Downloaded 63.76 GB (108.81 MB/Day)
    Share ratio 0.832

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    I don't know. Inactivity i guess. I went on vacation. They purge alot of accounts monthly. That wasn't the ratio i had in mind. It was 1 year or 18 months ago though. Forgot to use the option to "Park account"
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    log on to the irc channel of bitme
    and they will look into it..
    are good people and will help if you have a strong case

    irc address at web site probably in faq/rules you need ot login to access these pages

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    i did. They dont reactive disabled accounts. So anyone has a spare invite?


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