If you are like me and have an attention span of 1 sec and find yourself annoyed that long forum discussions are split up into pages and don't want to wait for the loooooong thread to load all at once. I've got a greasemonkey script that I can't live without!(not really..)

It's called "Endless vBulletin Forum Pages" and works on forums using the vbulletin engine(like this forum..). When you are in a multi page thread and you scroll down the the bottom of the forum page firefox will automatically load the next page and insert it directly into page you are on without a page refresh. Are you with me? If not, try it out. It's really really cool(no really!). Here's what you need:

1. Firefox
2. Greasemonkey extension
3. Endless vBulletin Forum Pages Script

When you got 1. and 2. go the link in 3. and right click on the big "Endless vBulletin Forum Pages" link and choose install script. Then rigt click on the greasemonkey icon(the monkey icon down on the right in firefox, daah..) and choose "Manage User Scripts" and select "Endless vBulletin..." and add to the to the included pages this: http://*/showthread.php*

Now for the bad news.. It doesn't work on this forum. This forum uses vbulletin but the naming scheme is different than most other vbulletin forums I've tried. They use the showthread.php?t=X where the X is the thread number in the forums. I've tried adding "http://filesharingtalk.com/vb3/*" to the included pages but it doesn't work..

It works on every vbulletin forum I've tried that uses the showthread.php?t=X naming scheme. If you want to try it and see how it works go here. I've tried it on lost-forum.com and forum.notebookreview.com