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Thread: 2 questions

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    Right...i'm in a country where it aint illegal to download games. questions are:

    1) Which is the best file-sharing platform to download games quickly (like limewire/emule/morpheus etc)? I have limewire at the moment and it never finds what i want.

    2) I cant find any of the games i want to get...or if i find them, and download them, when i unzip them, it says "this is the 1st disc of a set of CD's..please insert the last disc)"nI've downloaded loads of games b4, and only recently has this message appeared. It's really annoying, i download something up to 800mb and then tells me it wont work.

    I'm wanting to download:

    Football Manager 2004/2005/2006 (and 07 when someone cracks it)
    Company of Heroes
    Total War (any)


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    1) Bittorrent or Newsgroups
    2) Problems and errors are greatly reduced (if not completely removed) with content downloaded from private torrent sites or newsgroups.

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    thanx mate

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    Some good private torrent sites:

    You can get invites easily for TorrentLeech, and Torrent-damage's signups are open, I think (just check for yourself).

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    Football Manager 2007 was released a good few days ago by RELOADED, cracking game btw.

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    see, i've played it now, and i'm bored already! Which is weird, as the last one i think i actually stayed at my computer for 36 hours constant. Lot a girlfriend too.

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    Bittorrent is the best network


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