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Thread: What are iso/rar files?

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    I always download .zip files as i know how to use them and have the correct software to unzip them.

    I wanna download rar/iso files, but not sure what they open with and what software i need to download.

    Any advice?

    I use a pc and XP.


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    Rar files are compressed archive files similar to zip files. You need WinRAR to open or extract them:

    Iso files are CD or DVD image files to be burned to blank media. You can use ImgBurn for that:

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    Iso files can be opened instead of burned if you want. Check out IsoBuster:

    You can use that to extract the contents of the iso to your hard drive.

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    You could also stand to check into Daemon tools.

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    in general iso and rar files are just an archive files just as Zip...
    I use MagicIso for Iso\Mdf\MDS\Bin-Cue etc...
    and Uzip for RAR Zip and other extension...

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    bleh, I don't understand why people don't try googling for the information their self first. jimbo12345, I suppose you've never heared of wikipedia?

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    yeah, but its alltoo technical for me. Plus, this is a forum, so i'd rathr speak to people and get the latest info. Plus Wilkepediaand are banned in my country (china)

    No what i mean smalle?

    I doubt it. Get out more sunshine.

    Thanks everyone else!

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    I d/l a movie file that is rar file..I used winrar to unzip it...I had two options..1. to make into zip rar file 2. to make into zip file...I tried nero to burn but I cant seem to get it to work or any of the other programs such as dvd santa to work...what am i doing wrong?

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    rar is a zippes files that need winrar to be unziped
    Iso is an image of cd or dvd it needs to be burned by any burning software or be mounted in daemon tools
    all greatings

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