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Thread: ScT invite

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    I'd like to gain access to the almighty secret society of ScT
    I don't have much to offer other than 1 TL invite which I know isn't worthy but it's all I have. All didi accounts got reset. I uploaded 50+gig downloaded 20gig @ TL, uploaded 20gig downloaded 2gig @ ST and same for a few others but none are giving invites for me to trade, even if they did none are worthy of ScT. So I can only hope for some kind poster to get me in.

    I'll gladly show screen shots to anyone who would like to see them but I won't post them openly here for fear of being banned or loosing my accounts .

    Any offers please PM, please please
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    i'm looking for it too.
    i can offer the sites on my signature


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    sct davetiyesimi veriyor bu arkadaş


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