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Thread: dvdshrink/dvd decrypter

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    hi i have just got both dvdshrink and dvd decrypter i have run cheaper by the dozen 2 throught dvd shrink and then have gone to dvd decrypter and gone through that but when i try to burn using dvd decrypter when it opens the file it has both video and audio ts but if you open one or the other there is nothing left to click on have i done something wrong???

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    sounds like you have somehow done it the wrong way round, the way i do it is

    use dvd decrypter to remove the protection and store on hard drive

    use dvd shrink to remove unwanted scenes/audio and compress if necessary, this saves to another folder on your hard drive

    then i burn that onto dvd using nero

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    AndrewBarker is right. Also, I would recommend the following procedure:

    - install AnyDVD (latest version)
    - run it
    - use AnyDVD Ripper to copy the DVD to your hard drive
    - Shrink it to a new folder
    - burn the new folder to DVD using nero and the DVD-Video option

    good luck!

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    I recommend this way: (requires only AnyDVD, DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter.)

    - Run AnyDVD (latest version).

    - Rip the DVD to your HDD using DVD Decrypter.

    - Use [Open Files] in DVD Shrink and point to the movie folder on you HDD.

    - Still in DVD Shrink, click [Re-Author] to select or remove unneeded parts. I usually keep only the Main Movie. You can also remove unwanted language audio tracks at this point. The idea is the try to get it to 100% in Compression Settings or as close as possible.

    - Insert a blank DVD into your burner. Click on [Backup!] and in "Select backup target:" choose: "ISO Image file and burn with DVD Decrypter" option and click [OK].


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