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Thread: ED2k file

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    My history has been with kazaa mostly (now down to only 700,000 users ), but for lack of files I got a torrent file program, which works ok.

    Now I have spotted a file I would really like, for one thing the file is in forum, and it seems it is locked to new users. <<< Anyone got any knowledge of how to join them

    Anyway I can see this file in divxclasico and *I can click on it*. I thought it was a torrent file but I just got an error message.

    I just noticed the url for the file starts like this

    ed2k://|file|elephant 138mins DIVX MP3 ENG SUB.avi

    (it's not really called elephant )
    Does this mean it is an Edonkey file?

    So assuming it does mean that How can I get hold of a good simple Edonkey free version with no malware? I want a simple version which uses the least memory, (I say this because I was advised some torrent trackers(?) use java or whatever and use more memory than others).

    Oh and a little information about Edonkey please.

    Kazaa lets users download any file residing in a share folder, which is good because files don't have to stay active.

    Torrent only download if someone is specifically offering it for download (seeding it) Not as good as kazaa because obscure files get left behind.

    What format in this respect does Edonkey use?


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    if you want to download a ed2k file then you need a ed2k client, emule for instance (uses the edonkey2000 network)

    everything you need here

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    "eMule's Queue and Credit system helps to ensure that everyone will get the file he wants by promoting those that upload back to the network."

    The above is a quote from that page, how does this queue and credit system work? is there a client which overides this?

    And how are the files shared? is it like torrents, which means unless a file is specifically offered or seeded you won't get a download, (as opposed to kazaa if it's in the share folder it's open to everyone)

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    Points to above post, can anyone answer those 3 questions? And the following 3 Qu.

    Now should I go for neomule 4.25 or emule 0.47 ?
    Does neomule need significantly more memory (because it's better)?

    3.Does it matter that I searched on google for edonkey
    I went to and got a very rude message from god knows what sanctimonius arse...

    If you want to read the message do as I did but instead of going to the site click on the google cached message....because then you connect to google not the edonkey site so they won't record your IP No.

    ........ Anyway this stupid message is there and they said they recorded my IP No.
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    The better client seems to be eMule although as to what mod or version dont ask as I dont think it much matters. Regarding the type of network its similar to Kazza basically but a better network and hashing system..

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    try out the eMule client first, to get a feel for the ed2k network and then branch out from there

    read through the help section at to learn more about the app

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    thx rob it helps


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