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Thread: oink invite or other trackers with good rare music

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    hi, i have heard that oink has a lot of music .Is that true?

    I'm trying to find trackers with good rare music(jazz,classical,blues).If someone has an invite for OINK or others trackers like OINK,i fully appreciated him/her to send me one

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    berserk1980's Avatar BERSERK BT Rep: +4
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    Jan 2006
    "jazz,classical,blues" they are rare??? you can find them everywhere.
    btw: i have no invites.

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    i mean rare classical jazz blues discs.
    that's ok now?

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    PooBar's Avatar TorrentSlut BT Rep: +7BT Rep +7
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    Jul 2006
    gtk..if you can show me proof that you can seed and are prepared to upload your own torrents ,then pm me your email ...but you MUST be able and know how to upload your own torrents


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