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Thread: Plenty To Offer

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    I've been using Kazaa lite 2.0.0 for quite some time now and have really gotten a lot of good software from it. Unfortunately, I've been kind of a leecher in that I wasn't sharing.

    I want to change all this now. I have some 800 or so folders of Apps & Games.......some 20 Gigs worth. Most of this stuff was aquired through other avenues than Kazaa. I have noticed a serious lack of good stuff on Kazaa.

    What I want to do is to flood Kazaa with all my stuff. Some real wild apps here, if I may say so myself.

    Okay, so today I upgraded to 2.1.0 K++ or whatever. I set up all my stuff as shareable. What I don't get is why I am not immediately bombarded with uploads????? Does it take a while for the system to have my goodies available to others or something????

    I know I'm going to probably get a call from my ISP up here because of the sheer volume of uploads about to happen but that's okay. Really good ISP. They just want to make sure I'm not running a site here is all.

    Only problem with all this (and please try to understand this) is that I can only share while I'm at work. That way, I could care less that my PC gets hogged right down during that time. When I'm home, I cannot share because I do so many things with this beast that I have to restart often. It just wouldn't be fair to cut people off during restarts.

    I really want to "spruce up" the stuff available on Kazaa. It's been good to me. I want to give a whole lot back to the system.

    Is what I am trying to do generally acceptable or possible????? If so, why, even now as I write this, does it show that I am sharing 5685 files but there are no uploads happening???? I've set it all up to share. So.....what's wrong or is this normal for a few days????

    Can I please get some feedback about all the aforementioned??????


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    That's just how i used to be but i had a 56k u can understand y but once i got dsl I never stop sharing computer nevers goes off (unless i have to restart) heh But that's good i used about that many files as well but now i add movies to kazaa so i need space but thats good u decided to share with everyone thats what keep s kazaa going

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    I appreciate the post but am really puzzled as to why no uploads happening yet.

    Anyone know why???????

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    Give it time everyone doesn't read the forum and they can't search for stuff by your name unless they where already getting something from u also try using your comp as a supernode. Peace out

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    When I was on dial-up people d/l from me all the time, I think it's because you're sharing files that not many people will be looking for. Eventually someone will d/l something...

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    If you really want to, use Sig2Dat (or K-sig, but I don't like it ) and make a few verifieds of them. That way people will see your files, at least. They can't download what they don't know is there.

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