Hi all, my first post here, hoping someone can help.

I am on Optimum Online broadband, no router, and a Norton AV Firewall which is configured to let Kazaa Lite in. I run version 2.4.3 of Kazaa Lite. Since August 2005 all attempted uploads from other users abort, usually at 64kb, sometimes at 128kb. Once in a blue moon someone will complete an upload, but the vast majority of times it fails. I can connect to Kazaa with no problem and download with reckless abandon, but as indicated, the uploads fail.

When I contacted OOL, they told me they are not blocking any of the ports that Kazaa uses. They also tested my upload speed and found no problems. They claim they are not blocking the upload. However, I have heard rumors that they use port filtering of some type. Can anyone confirm this?

As a test, I installed my version of Kazaa on a friend's PC-she also has OOL, damn if the same thing didn't happen on her PC-all uploads past 64kb abort, and anything less than that is a failed connection. Yet when I install the program on a PC running a dial-up connection, uploads go smoothly.

I am surprised that there is very little about this problem on the net. Can anyone shed some light on what is going on?