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Thread: Marvel ultimate alliance

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    Anyone have it, relly dont wanna wait till 2morrow. AND JLH sux compared to the past x-men games

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    i think imma play this one. it's an action game, right? 3rd person? i remember reading it in a magazine some odd time ago. looked good.
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    yea action/rpg, 4 players onscreen at once and like 20+ characters. pretty much the same as X-men Legends, just a new version.

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    help! nzb keeps sayin its missin the r48 file.... AFter quickpar

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    This game looks really good. Supposedly its the most characters Marvel has ever packed into a single game. What I like best is that you could play with actual teams like the Fanatastic Four or mix and match with characters like Spidey, Ice Man, Wolverine, and Mr. Fantastic.


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