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    I have been trying Internet Download Manager and I'm wondered how fast it is downloading files....
    That's my question if anyone has the crack of it....?
    Altavista doesn't

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    there are alot of other internet download managers.

    LeechGet is a nice on, it's free of charge, and free of spyware.
    Does the same as download accelerator and that crap.

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    I was using LeechGet but it slower than IDM.. And i want replace it by another one....
    So I'm not able to find the f***** crack of Internet Download Manager

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    download managers dont speed up downloads (sometimes) they manage like pause resume cancel if you were on 56k they are one of the best you could have

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    I reccomend getright 4.5
    it works great, and it's easy to use

    i DONT reccomend getright 5 because, though you can crack it, the serial key gets caught eventually, and you have to re-enter it.

    They're essentially the same program.

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    I use DAP but lately i have been using the Flash Get but be carefull one of the files is a virus.

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    At last. A quality download manager that doesn`t carry spyware - like Gator; and doesn`t carry advertising - like Download Accelerator plus; yet has all the features, and more, of the latest accelerators. Claims speed gains up to 400%. Automatic resumption of broken downloads. Downloads may be scheduled with automatic dial-up and disconnection. An integrated unzipper will auto unzip and install downloaded files. Will integrate your anti-virus software to auto-scan downloaded files. FTP, HTTP, and Proxy supported. Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP. Free. 1.34MB


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