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Thread: mail client thunderbird or outlook 03

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    which one do you prefer n why? I'm using outlook right now because i like the calendar feature and its ability to sync w/ my mda

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    backlash's Avatar usenet lover
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    Aug 2003
    in your dreams
    I use outlook 2003 b/c I like the features and I'm used to it. I tried thunderbird and it was o.k. It's a decent free mail application. I'm just partial to outlook.

    Things I like:

    reading pane
    to do list
    junk email filter

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    harrycary's Avatar Poster
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    I prefer Thunderbird since M$ products(le.g. IE) are often chosen by hackers and other nefarious users to attack and exploit.
    Afterall, there are more users of Outlook than any other email clients.

    Most importantly is the built-in Spam filter, it is second to none.

    Plus, the many plug-ins, themes and extras that are freely available is quite the bonus.

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    I like Thunderbird as well but have never used outlook 3 .


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