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Thread: Kite Director's Cut

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    Okay this show is basically only for people 18 yrs old or above. Has seriously violent and sexual content and is also placed under the infamous category of hentai. But been watching heaps of anime lately from downloading off kazaa and watching cable TV, stuff like Gundam Wing, Gasaraki, bubblegum crisis, yu-gi-oh , initial D, FFU, Love Hina, Tokyo Police and Rurouni Kenshin. Okay that explains the 2 wks that I haven't been posting. Making full use of my holidays .

    I watched this show anyways, since the rest were too mild and I enjoy the like's of Umetsu films. Okay this was a bit shocking (i'm not in it fully for the hentai scenes btw ), all the explicit content that I'm a bit shocked with. But I liked almost every part of the film.

    Then came the ending....OMG, it was pffft....
    Ok I won't spoil it. But anyone watched it yet??

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    Yeah I saw KITE the director's cut, I thought it was quite good considering it's... uh... graphic material. The ending for me was a little bit disappointing though.

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    YEAH I KNOW!!!!

    i was watching it and got to the end and i was like wtf?? wheres the real ending??

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    Hehe, Kite 'suffers' from a few typical Japanese anime trademarks:

    1. A lot of anime will have a (seemingly to us) dissatisfying anti-climax ending, which may seem hurried or even dissappointing
    2. If an anime has a definitive ending, it will be a complete mindf*ck. (Neon Genesis Evangelion springs to mind)

    Don't get me wrong, I liked Kite a lot. I like anime alot.

    Kite (and anime in general) is more focused on character development (how come persons behave like they do) and how relationships (good and bad) are formed.
    In a sense anime is more focused on the 'path that is taken' and less on the more rational 'start and finish' approach.
    In that way the Japanese anime culture 'suffers' less from the typical Hollywood 'Hero saves the day against all odds and all is well' ending, but might have the aforementioned trademarks.
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    Damn, I never really thought about that before NotoriousBIC, you are absolutley right . However I can safely say that "Fatal Fury: The motion picture" doesn't suffer from plot development or any type of cohesion. I hope Fatal Fury Fans don't go ballistic when they read this, as it is, only my opinion of the mp.

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    Lol, might I add Street Fighter Alpha to that one!
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    Too true, I watched SF Alpha in Japanese OUCH and in English, double ouch, hmm it's no wonder I haven't commited sipeku,

    Hey, can you recommend any good anime films?


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    Well from the same director as Kite: Mezzo Forte.
    Story isn't as good as Kite, but it sure has a defintive ending
    Watch out though, it has the same graphic content as Kite.

    As for others:
    Spirited Away (Oscar winner&#33
    Ghost in the Shell
    Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heavens Door

    and probably lots more I haven' seen yet
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    mezzo forte is soooo much better than kite its so funny as well lol, but definitely not for family humour

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    I just finished downloading movie length episode of Yuyu Hakusho, boy, that was one good movie. Not much violence or ecchi scenes whatsoever, but definitely had a better ending than kite, but in terms of storyline, kite seems to relate to me better. I watched Spirited Away (yes Oscar Winner definitely&#33 and ghost in the shell last year. The ending for ghost in the shell was OK, but I didn't like the abrupt ending in it though.

    Probably download Akira next, but need more opinions on some more anime. Maybe I'll get more of the rorouni kenshin series, can't wait for cable to screen them. Meanwhile, I'm getting Mezzo Forte .

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