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Thread: Oink

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    Can someone please give me an oink invite? I have been searching for much time for oink or other rare trackers and I cannot find anything...
    ratio proof:
    My email is artakserksis[at]
    Thanks in advance...
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    thenastyguy BT Rep: +15BT Rep +15BT Rep +15
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    May 2006
    Could someone give him the invite ? He deserves it.

    I would give him myself but I lost my invites at oink.

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    shosh's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +30BT Rep +30BT Rep +30BT Rep +30BT Rep +30BT Rep +30
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    Aug 2006
    good luck finding one
    oink is a damn hard tracker to have a good ratio on
    and theyre anal about giving invites to cheaters and leechers


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