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Thread: missing rar

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    how i get it, i tried quickpar. it says no repair need. but upon extract im missing r48?????

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    QuickPar should be able to create the rar if you have enough par files...

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    If QuickPar is stating "No repair needed", but WinRar is saying that a certain file is missing, then there is a corrupt archive in the rar set. Trying using WinRar's repair feature on the rar file preceding the missing one. In this case, open up rar number r47 and press Alt-R (Tools >> Repair Archive) and attempt to extract again.

    Has worked for me in the past, however it's not a guaranteed.

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    You can all ways go on IRC and try to get it there.

    Or you can PM me the exact file name of the missing file and I will see if I can find it for you.
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    thx for the tips. found it over at matrix, i think. will try that rar repair next time though


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