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Thread: warns about fake & scam versions

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    As many may already realise, there are lot of rogue companies online that profit from other people's work by taking one or more freeware products and try selling them as commercial products. This is quite commonly done with file sharing software and DVD duplication products in particular. For example, we recently reported on how IfoEdit started protesting against commercial software providers by providing cracks to products the author found to have used its code without permission.

    This time, the author of one of the best known freeware DVD back-up tools, DVDShrink is reporting that there are quite a lot of rogue companies out there selling DVDShrink or charging to download it, often disguised under other names such as "DVDShrink 2007" to make it stand out from the official free version. The author warns consumers to watch out for the fake versions, particularly those shown in Google ads, as one should not be charged to download or use the software. Unfortunately, anyone who has paid for DVDShrink has already been become a victim of one of these scams. Thanks to Areku for letting us know about this news:

    We've been told some other sites/domains begin to sell/ask for donations for DVDShrink. They even rename the latest official version ( to other names like DVDShrink 2007. DVDShrink was born as a *FREE* tool for DVD enthusiasts. To date, DVDShrink has NEVER asked for money, in any form, nor even donations of any kind!

    If you have ever payed for DVDShrink, then bad news for you: you"ve been cheated! DVDShrink was, is and (for now) will be 100% FREE!


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    The official DVD Shrink was the last one produced.

    To be sure that yours is the right one, check the MD5 Hash:

    efc4643607d821ee5b1e306b5181917c    dvdshrink32setup.exe
    And don't pay for it.


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