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    i d/l the 3 bin Mafia files quoted in this forum. I burned them with Nero 5. Everything worked fine. When i place the 1st CD i can install but then it asks me: please insert CD 1. I tried all the CDs but nothing worked. Can anyone out there help. I would really like to play this game.

    Thanks in advance

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    use the nocdcrack that is located in cd3(well for me it was).then insert cd1

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    Thanks for the tip but i couldnt find no "nocdcrack" on any of my CDs. I have on each cd a "Crack" folder. Maybe i should mention that i opened the bin files with winiso, extracted the files to my computer and then burned the files with Nero 5 to a CD. I didnt use any cue files.

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    i have solved this problem. thanks

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    kool what did you do. I was jsut about to say that get a cd crack cos i dont think it came in the .Bin file. But thrn read on and you did it.

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    Hi Wizzandabe

    i opened the crack in the first CD and replaced the game.exe on my harddisk. The game is working and i feel great


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