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Thread: Comcast throttling P2P?

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    This seemed like the most logical place to put this, move it if it’s not in the right place. I was with Time Warner recently before Comcast came in and bought them out in this area. I had an 8mb down connection with TW that I would always max out provided the upload speeds were there. Now that I’m Comcast (still with an 8mb down connection) I am only downloading at 5-6mb. On top of that, Comcast has this thing thing called PowerBoost. Your download speed is doubled, 6mb to 12mb and 8mb to 16mb. PowerBoost is enabled at the moment (it happens when the network is considered “idle”) as you can see here in this screen shot.

    I’m pulling damn near 20mb down. But, when I open uTorrent it only maxes out at 5-6mb. I have a very bad feeling that I’m getting throttled…

    BTW, I do understand the logic behind downloading speeds and how they're only as good as the uploaders. But, I know for a fact that if I'm pulling 25-30+ well seeded torrents off of TL that I WILL get at least 10mb if not more of download speed. The upload bandwidth is there, but again, I think this damn ISP is throttling it.
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    if you were being throttled, you wouldn't be getting 5-6MB down. you'd be getting about 25-30KB down. comcast doesn't shape any p2p traffic.

    you might want to start here:,16694797

    then follow the steps in this faq:

    edit: it might be a signal problem, if comcast switched some equipment out, it could be a signal problem on their end that caused you to lose speed.
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    yea i did the live chat with comcastthe other day, they said that they do not cap speeds.... but whateva

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    Does this PowerBoost thing cost money? How can you activate it?

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    PowerBoost is activated automatically. It happens when the internet load is low for Comcast in whatever area you live in. I'm not sure that they all do it yet, but I know for a fact that it's working here in Minneapolis. Just today I watched someone pull 24mb down on the Premium package.


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