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Thread: Classic 80's Kids/home Improvement

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    Anybody got any of the old classics out there at all, i know stuff like Thundercats is easy to get, but what about rare stuff, anything from Button Moon to Willy Fog

    Also any Home Improvement would be welcome, although the series finale would be best!

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    Ah, the good old days!

    I remember watching Willy Fog! Around the world in 80 days, and journey to the centre of the earth (or ???????? leagues under the sea)., if my memory serves me correctly.

    Sorry, just reminiscing, this post is no good to you!

    I wouldn't mind these either!

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    It seems nobody has the good stuff. I mean the new movies and programmes are cool, but they are widely available in cinemas or on TV or DVD or somthing. I would much rather be able to download stuff you cant get commercialy. Oh well.

    At Least Dogtanian is out on DVD

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    The Second i finished writeing that post i happened to see this on a website:

    Five Episodes of Around The World With Willy Fog are to be released on DVD in June.

    And the second Dogtanian DVD is out in October

    How cool is that!

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    ahh classics i use to love button moon

    as im typing this i searched it on kazaa and a file came up 1.2GB in size 10episodes of button moon

    if your interested i cant give you a hash but i can give you some details to try help you find it if you would like it

    filename : button moon - 10 episodes

    artist : "unknown"

    size : 1215,364kb

    only 1 user at moment i see with it weazel666@kazaa

    fuck Derby County

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    Wow, good going, cheers for the info, and i just found 3 home improvement episodes, ive never even found 1 before, things are looking up!

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    Found it, Bandwith of 1, lol


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