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Thread: Encoder Top 5 Vote Here.

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    hello eveyone,

    Which are the best encoders for converting avi-divx e.t.c to vcd-svcd not including TMPGE which has to be the out and out winner, so which others cut the musterd???? i havent come across one yet.....


    Or is there one better than TMPGE?????

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    Hey there. B)

    you seen the Panasonic Mpeg Encoder?

    i've got a trial version and i thinks it's pretty good. The problem is that i HAVE'NT got a crack for it yet,i found several which were a waste of time
    I tried without fail to locate a decent crack for it. (If you know of one, PLS do tell me, or i will have to "buy" the software as i like it so much!

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    cheers surfingus

    i will check that out and if i come across a crack for it i will post it here

    looks like the rest are a pile of poo!!! or people cant be botherd

    to share there opinion with us........

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    did you have any luck with the crack? i have given up for the moment. I was pulling out my hair(whats left of it anyway )

    Neway, Chatz laters man

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    guys i'd vote for Panasonic Mpeg Encodera aswel good quality for vcd
    if u still can't find a crack give me a pm ur email address i'll send u a
    copy with crack.


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