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Thread: What "Pro-life" really should mean.

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    How is it that tons of political candidates run rampantly around calling themselves pro-life while they are also pro-war? wars end lives.

    How is it that millions of people seem to buy into their arguements?

    If you really care so much about children and life then why is it that you constantly slash all forms of government assistance? Welfare, Medicare, Medicaid. The very systems that would help take care of these unwanted children. It doesn't end 9 months out of the womb.

    Why is it that we so foolishly think that we can just ban it? remember the 60s and 70s? they just did it illegally. Then the mothers got infected and likely DIED!

    But the worst part is that the people I ask that question to just go "They should have thought of that first."

    Isn't that passing judgement? You know that thing that is supposed to be only gods right to do? I don't know about you but this all strikes me as highly Hypocritical. How many votes do these people get to just manipulate without ever backing it up with anything of real value?

    Wake up. Jesus didn't like free-trade. He overturned tables in the temple, just because they were buying low and selling high. He wasn't a capitalist. He didn't support tax cuts for the rich at the disadvantage of the poor. I don't know how it is that a Christian right exist in the first place, it strikes me as an oxymoron.

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    1) How long did it take you to figure out that politicians lie?

    2) If you actually knew about the story of Jesus in the temple, you would realize your have your story wrong. You would in fact know that he chased them out of the temple because they were conducting business in the temple.

    3) You did not have to capitalize hypocritical.


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