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Thread: University messing with my downloads?

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    First post and what not, was actually just looking for some songs by Yoko Kanno and found this site, couldn't download them for some reason though...

    How the hell does this work?

    Anyways, since I've upgraded to a ridiculously fast internet connection, my download speeds for bittorrent (and p2p programs like bearshare) have gone down the hole, not that they were ever that great.

    I don't think I've ever been able to get a "green" meaning no firewall or anything is slowing down the bittorent before or after I came to this University. Before, I tried port forwarding, turning off all my firewalls etc., only got "Yellow".

    Same goes for now, but my internet connection is much faster, but I download much slower...

    Could it be that my University has blocked of some ports or something to not allow fast downloading off of these programs? When I download from a website the speed is usually pretty fast, also for this program called ourtunes (also mytunes) that allows us to share music with people on campus is rediculously fast. When any bittorrent program goes through all the possible port connections, it never finds a "green" one...

    Any ideas?

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    did u download emule? Those links are for that program.

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    So is there an e-mule that doesn't cost money?
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    Universitys generally throttle filesharing traffic these days.

    >did u download emule? Those links are for that program.

    No those are sig2dat links, emule does not support those.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zaphodiv View Post
    Universitys generally throttle filesharing traffic these days.
    Is there anyway to get around this?


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