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Thread: External laptop mouse?

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    Is it possible to get, and are there any special requirements for getting, an external laptop mouse?

    As things stand I have a touch pad mouse on the laptop which is fairly useless for games (as you tend to need two hands to operate the touchpad and it's hard to use it whilst using the keyboard given it is positioned below it).

    With that in mind I just need a standard normal mouse to use with things like games. I guess it needs to be USB mouse (as the laptop doesn't appear to have a PS/2 port)?

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    just plug your mouse in and it will pick it up. mine lucky you can either plug anouther keyboard or mouse into it.

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    Any USB mouse, the laptop treats it same as a PC.

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    Use a regular mouse if your laptop comes with a ps/2 connector and if it does not. use an USB mouse. no special requirements


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