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    i got 3d max 5 from kazaa and am getting the crc error for OF SIZE 123,721,334 BYTES ,the file is 98 percent correct Any method to correct it.If not where can i find just the file cause' i downloaded it with lots of pains on my dialup connection (u can emagine over two months)

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    Try searching on kazaa on everything, you probably won't find it but you may strike lucky if you just keep it on Auto-search more

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    Well, if you're in urgent need, you could shell out the $1500 for it.

    I don't think you can correct a corrupt file to 100% all the time. Try CDmage, and see if that helps out at all.

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    naw i said the file is corrupted in some parts from certain users i had the same problem so i downloaded it again and guess what i got a different error so i had to put the 2 programs together to make 1 working 1
    and their is no point in trying to send you a cab file because these files are just as big as your download.


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