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Thread: Books On Language?

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    Anyone here interested is the study of comparative linguistics/languages, either ancient and modern (any)?

    Anyone had much luck finding grammars of German, Russian, Spanish etc. or books on language from a linguisitic approach?

    Although there's lots to be had in "audio" (audio phrase books, ripped CDs that help you to learn a bit about a language before you travel to that country) all I've been able to find in "documents" really are instruction manuals in other languages.

    Searching with the keywords/phrases:

    -"ultimate <language name>"
    -"speak essential"
    -"in your car"

    Will occasionally find the following languages under "audio":

    -Chinese (Mandarin)

    However what I&#39;m after is books on grammar, not just phrase books. I&#39;ve had the most luck for French and Chinese, but I thought if I mentioned it in our new "bookworld" there would be some interest -- we seem to have a fairly international membership.


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    Well....I am one of the sick people who read grammarbooks for fun. Recently one of the Belgian newspapers made a book about the use of language in newspapers. It cost about 10 euro and it is VERY interesting.

    PERMENTIER (L.). Stijlboek. Roularta Books, Roeselare, 2003, 534 p.

    For French I think Bescherelle gives u a good outline, although it may be a bit dry to read....


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