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Thread: Torrentbytes down?

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    Is torrentbytes down? I'm getting:

    Index of /

    * development/
    * tracker/
    * www/

    Any one know when it will be back up?


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    it is down for ratio fuckers that wehat u know
    which countery u from?

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    use www in ther url

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaqozo View Post
    use www in ther url
    i am, and my ratio is fine... 1.743

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    Quote Originally Posted by
    2006-10-27 08:04:04
    More and more changes in the code are taking place.
    Some of them don't quite seem to be working out as planned.
    The coders are doing everything they can to correct it all as quickly as possible.
    Again, we can only apologise. //Staff
    7 months... 1 poor tracker... don`t know to code anything ...n00bs...

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    ok its working now

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    not for me and to jaqozo u don't make any sense!

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    I think it might depend on the browser your using or your isp. Some people it works fine for others it doesnt. I see the web folder listing as well.

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    i think that they are making some developments

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    u guys not bother reading the news they post?

    they have been working on updates for past 2 days and they havnt been going as planned, they decided to keep it up but have it buggy rather than taking it down for a few days.

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