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Thread: Connecting Car Subwoofers And Amps To The Comp

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    i would like to know if there was a way to connect those room thumping car amps and subwoofers to ur pc so i can have a whole frickin party in my house with loud, off the roof music.

    to find out more about these amps and subwoofers go to and find sony xplod line of amps and subs.

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    this i very much doubt.

    these amps run on 12 volts direct current which your plug does not produce without a converter thing majigger.

    Even then it requires you to earth it and that would be a pain and very dangerous.

    but im sure some smartass could could up with a way.

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    Home electric runs on a/c, car electric on d/c, and they aren't compatible. In addition, home speakers and car speakers are difference resistance. Car speakers are 4ohm, home speakers are 8ohm, two different things.
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    damn i was looking forward to this oh well....... thanks for ur help.

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    an ac to dc convertor and step down transformer shouldn't be too expensive.
    it's also possible to change the impedance/resistance with a setting on the amp.

    why not just buy a normal speaker system, you can get 1000w rms systems, which would be more than enough to shake the room.

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    If you can get a power supply for an output for 12-13.8 volts with enough amps (you will have to check each amp to see its power consumption. It might tell you how many amps it draws. If not it should be in the handbook at the back. Just add all the amp requirements together (and add a bit to be safe), use top quality cables for the power leads and put it someware out of the way so no drinks get spilled over them at your thumpin partys and you should be all right.

    Dont forget to make sure it isnt in an enclosed space as those amps get hot. You dont need to worry about what ohms the speakers are as long as you use car amps AND car speakers together. If you want to wire up car speakers to a home amp ie 8 ohms you can if you wire them in series using two speakers for each channel (take the + input from the amp and wire it to the + of the first speaker, link the - of the first speaker to the + of the second and wire the - input from the amp to the - of the second speaker. Doing this will work as you will double the impedence to 8 ohms for the pair)

    Remember with any amp you can run a speaker with a higher impedence than the amp requires, ie 8 ohm speakers and 4 ohm amp but if you try and run a speaker with a lower one you will damage the amp

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    My step brother did this, he ran a 12" Sub for a car as his pc speaker (the one that beeps at startup, not in the music sense), at 800w

    Trouble is, his pc restarted one night, and the beep was so loud and defening that it woke up a lot of the street!

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    heat shouldn't be a problem unless you're running at (or near) the peak power of the sub (and other speakers). sealed boxes are commonly sold with no cooling solution, these don't really go wrong often.

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    yes it is poss, get a headphone to rca convert and hook it up from there then (dangerous&#33 us a car battery charger or a a/c-to-d/c converter (easily)but those can be a bit pricey, and last, just use a fan to cool the amp

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    i did it wit my 4-15inch subs and man is it loud

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