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Thread: torrentbytes proxy problem

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    i try to login to torrentbytes but it says i'm using a proxy which i can't help since my isp uses a transparent proxy. it says to contact staff but doesn't show any way to contact them. how do i tell the admin to add my ip to the approved list?

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    you can email the staf(if you know the email addy), you can call (if you know the phone number), but the best choise, imo, is to trade this torrentbytes account for sct or u*** (plus ftn)

    AFAIK , JEFFSR`s email is (JEFFSR is one of the tb`s admins), but i`m sceptical about the possibility of adding your ip to the access list... listen, these guys are n00bs, they hardly know coding, they`d rather add 2000-3000 Power Users to block list , than make a proper code
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