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Thread: any blackcats-games member here? need some help

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    their site host had a power outage today and it finaly came back on. However, I am not able to login as if my account has gone in thin air. I even tried using password recovery but the system indicated the email I used to register does not exist in their database. Because of this I cannot access the site or contact any staff or moderator to resolve my account. If any of you are a member of the site, please help contact the moderator and have them look at my account:

    username is: crashnburn


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    I sent a msg to the mods about you waiting on reply

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    I have a little pb with my blackcats account, is now disabled and I tried several times to contact moderator without success, so I would like to know if somebody can help me in order to retreive my blackcats account.... Many Thanks for your precious help

    My account is Loudone

    Thanks again
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