hi, ive been looking for a site, irc or ftp that has mdvdr's, which are music dvds.
i know some public torrent sites have these, but only a few concert videos mdvd. but there are alot more than what pops up on google searches.
How do i know this? well there are nfos and dupe sites that prove it .
for instance doopes.com is a site that list music videos and movies when they are released by the group that makes it. here is a link (dont worry its a search string. http://www.doopes.com/?cat%5B%5D=9&c...&to=&inc=mdvdr

I thought i was good at finding hard to get content but i guess im not cause im stumped at this point. Where do release groups first post their stuff at? I found the movies and the music and the appz but trying to find these music dvds are giving me chest pains and i need help or a nudge in the right direction. so pleasepush me

all i want to know is more info on where i can find the hiphop ones. Here is another link to a dupe site that you may be more familiar with: http://www.swedupe.com/?section=dvdr&do=search Thanks.