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Thread: making 1 dvd

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    some movies downloaded come with disk 1 & disk 2 files how can i make them 1 file so i can put it on a dvd as 1 video? thanks

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    You could use a video joiner program to make the two files one. I don't like doing this because there can be errors at the point the two files where joined.

    Other than that you have to run the files through some kind of video converted to get a file set that your dvd player can read. Two come to my mind. NeroVision (part of the Nero buring software). Easy to use, lets you add files to a disc without joining, high level of dvd player compatibility. It is also very slow.

    Then there is WinAVI Video Converter. VERY fast a dirty. If your dvd player will support the files this program kicks out your in good shape.

    In my opinion, the very best solution to you problem is buying a dvd player that supports Divx, phillips makes several very good and cheap models that do and can be found at the local Walmart or Kmart for under $50. No more conversions. Just burn the files like you would a data disc.

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    I use virtualdub to join avi files and then burn them and watch them on my dvd player. I own that Phillips dvd player that broken mentioned and it works great. Quick and easy tutorial here fairly fast to process the video.
    Good luck.

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    virtualdub or virtualdubmod will give you a perfect join
    load file and append segment (cd2)
    (make sure video 'direct stream copy' is selected)

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    I use DVDSanta to join the files into one DVD. It works great, but it seems to run slow. It is very simple.
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    DVD santa and Win Avi not so good quality easy to use

    Tempg Encoder and Virtual Dub Mod= good quality kind of easy to use with the guide below.

    CCE and DVD2SVCD = best quality hard to understand and use if you never have done any video encoding but hey you could try an learn how to use it by going to

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    yep i use Virtual Dub Mod seems the best

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    I have used virtual dub mod for this forever and never had any problems. Append segment, direct streams copy yada yada yada. works great.


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