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    I just downloaded KaZa Gold and in the e-mail I recieved it said the following

    "This additional software is everything you need to download DVD movies and video clips from the internet and record them onto regular 25 cent CD-R discs. Once you've downloaded and recorded the movies you will be able to play them in your home or computer DVD player.

    How do I burn a movie that I just downloaded off KaZa on to a CD-R as the e-mail described??

    Thank YOu

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    check out this site for all you need to know [URL=]here[/URL

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    What's the "additional software" that comes with Kazaa Gold?

    Sorry to say this, but not many people here will be using Kazaa Gold so may not be able to help you with that specific software program. The thing is, you see, that Kazaa Gold is a rip-off. Kazaalite (both the K++ and editions are FREE!! No money, no nothing. Kazaa Gold are charging you for something that is free -and old software too at that!

    Read Here

    Other burning/encoding software is free too - well sort least trial versions often are

    Ulead Video Studio
    Ulead DVD Movie Factory
    NERO burning software
    Alcohol 120%

    are some of the software you might like to take a look at. Most of these can be downloaded either from Kazaa, or from the publishers' sites and a trip to may help you *cough*extend*cough* the trial periods

    As far as Kazaa Gold is concerned - get rid of it, do a chargeback on your credit card and order your credit card company not to authorise any further transactions to Kazaa Gold.

    The k-lite edition from this site is better and of course, free.

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    DELETE kazaa GOLD
    DOWNLOAD K-lite!!


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