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Thread: Ld Cd Burner Problem

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    Just purchased a 52x24x52 speed cs burner by LG.
    However, when i went to burn my first cd (which state that they are 52 speed compatible on them) Nero told me that the maximum it could burn was 48 speed. Confused by this, i downloade Nero InfoTool which tells me that the maximum speed that the writer could burn was 48!! Am i doing something wrong????


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    sometimes the media u use will affect the write speed....i think nero automatically sets it to the best writing speed for the brand u r using

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    It wont even manually let me choose 52 speed. It isn't even an option

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    the difference between a 52 and 48 isnt really that significant anyhow.

    48 is much better as its less likely to cause errors.

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    What brand was the media that was 52x speed? Sometimes better brands will work better.


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